Welcome to Acton Biotech, the company offering activeDNA, a new product in the fitness / lifestyle / sports industry. We read a persons DNA and identify the right diet and exercises for that person and predicts the disease that he / she is likely to have in the future. DNA is the blue print of your life. It comes to you from your parents and stays with you for ever. You will get a report that has four main sections.

1. Diet and nutrition : Your genes hold the key to your dietary requirements. How much proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins and minerals do you need can be accurately predicted from your genes. You may need more iodine than in available in routine Indian meals even with iodized salt, or you may need less of saturated fats.

2. Exercise and sports : Your genes can help in selecting the right exercise and sport that you should engage in for fitness, leisure or even as a serious professional career. Some people are programmed to be great boxers, while others have the marathon genes and still others are lazy bums. Some people are prone to injuries while others can play tough games like rugby and football. Some people loose weight by running on the tread mill while others benefit from weight training.

3. Personality traits : Did you know that your personality like height, weight, hair color, curls in your hair, skin color and a lot
of personality traits depend on your genes.

4. Health and medicines : We all are prone to different diseases. Today we can find out what diseases are we likely to have, the same diseases can be prevented completely or postponed or diagnosed early and treatment can be cheaper, safer and less painful. This may need changes in lifestyle, diet and exercise. Different people respond to different medicines. Your genes can tell your doctor, which medicines will work on you and which will not.

activeDNA is done from a saliva sample and you get the report in one month. Interested? Contact us now.